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Nana Baramidze: “PR Belongs to Constantly Transforming Professions”

Interview with Nana Baramidze Public Relations Manager of United Airports of Georgia.

Why did you decide to enter this field, and what kind of opportunities does this profession give you?

Aviation is completely new to me, very interesting and at the same time, the area full of challenges. Whether it was airport construction or new flights addition, I was looking at this from the other side before. I was happy to hear new destinations were added from Kutaisi, Tbilisi, Batumi airports.

I used to manage Digital Media and Marketing Division of the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development for 7 years. As many of my colleagues, I entered this field from Media. I passed almost every stage – I was a reporter, international viewer, got experience at NGO in the field of public relations. I think each stage was interesting in their own way. It’s different whether you’re PR of private company or non-government organization, each need distinct skills and qualities.

What is it necessary to hold a successful communication with public?

We all have theoretical knowledge and general idea about it, there are plenty of material on internet. However, I still believe there is no formula for success in this field. Theoretical idea may not much holding successful communication in real. So I believe working experience and personal contacts means a lot to achieve success in this field. You should also know your audience, their character, wishes, what information they’d like to receive. Qualification, diploma and certificate is good but not enough, experience and appropriate skills play major role.

Three tips you would give to whom wants to work in this field.

I feel a little uncomfortable to give someone tips, so I will name what advices I would give myself if I were to graduate university and wanted to work in communications.

First, fast adaptation – this is a must have skill for someone in this profession. One can be able to write for different audiences, create relevant content, public to believe in her and never doubt.

We live in digital era. There is a theory, that digital media will replace traditional media. Knowing digital marketing is very important.

We must be always creative, individual – this traits are most valued in PR field.

How would you go about finding relevant contacts and sources?

You gain contacts and sources along with work experience. Some of them you have worked with, some are gotten during work process and making projects.

How do you prioritize to start your work day?

This field is so diverse, none of the days are similar, you might think you have to spend your day in Tbilisi at the office, but it turns out you are going to Kutaisi, Mestia or Ambrolauri airports. Although, in most cases it starts with checking mail, reading news and papers. As a lot is depended on ongoing processes in the country – there is a chance an event planned by you to be delayed because of that. Let’s say Government to resign or tragic events to happen and your event will be irrelevant to that.

What are the skills Public Relations Specialist need?

The skills that for example British PR Specialist has in London, may not be the same formula for Georgian based professional. You might agree that Georgian people are quite sensitive to novelties. So that, loyalty to company, respect, responsibility, risk management, having allied speakers, operativeness and being always in touch with public – are the most necessary characteristics that successful PR needs to hold.

What trait do you value the most in your co-workers?

Maintain humanity in any situation and stay sincere – these main traits I value. Of course then it comes competency and professionalism.

What is the best PR practice technology can’t change?

Face to face relationships and communication with audience and in general public. I think nor social media, SMS, phone call and any technology development can change it.

What are some of the growing trends in the public relations industry?

PR belongs to constantly transforming professions. In technological era it changes and develops more and more rapidly. It was promoted by social media, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin – these are new platforms, where you can reach your audience in more creative way.