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Nagomari Tea House Will Add Healing Ingredients to Tea

Nagomari Tea House is one of the significant organization in Agricultural field of Georgia. CBW had an interview with Chairman of Cooperative Nagomari,Nana Kirmelashvili.


When did you begin producing tea, where are the plantations?

We started producing in 2015. Plantations are located in Ozurgeti region, village Nagomari, that’s where the name comes from. We own 12 hectar plantations nowadays.

Which ways do you use to promote?

The cooperative consists professional team. It’s representatives are in Tbilisi. Organization arranges advertising campaign, Takes part in local or international exhibitions. At this stage, we have a movement called Tea and Art. ‘’Let’s sit, have some tea and talk about art’’-as Niko Pirosmani (Georgian artist) said.

Do you plan to export Nagomari?

We have an offer from the US, we hold negotiations currently.

What is distinctive feature of Nagomari Tea?

Our priority is to produce tea by using only high-quality buds. It has unique flavoring qualities and original packaging.

Which type of tea is most popular and which one has unique flavor?

Currently organization produces 4 types of tea: Intensive Black, Delicate Black, Twisted Green and Caucasian Blueberry Tea. Each of them has its own customer and is quite popular in the market.

What do you plan for future?
We are planning to start preparing healing black tea by using unique damascus rose; Green tea with Anisul and Kiwi; Black tea with cinnamon. In addition, we will start disposable tea production in silk pyramidal packs starting from September.


By Nina Gomarteli

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