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Nabeghlavi to Launch Production of RAUCH Natural Juices

Tskali Margebeli company that bottles Nabeghlavi and Bakhmaro mineral waters plans to manufacture juice products too. Natural juices and gasified drinks will be bottled at Nabeghlavi plant located in Guria Region.

The products will be manufactured under the brand of Rauch. Tskali Margebeli has bought the franchise from Austrian company Rauch.

Tskali Margebeli director Avtandil Svimonishvili told the Business Contract that the new products will appear on the market in spring 2017, but a major part of products will be exported to foreign markets.

The company will buy raw materials on domestic market, while in the future the company plans to arrange its own gardens on about 70 hectare land plot with plumb, peach, and other trees.

Initially, the company will export products to the CIS markets.

Tskali Margebeli has already invested 32 million EUR in the plant construction.