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Nabeghlavi – Blessing of Georgian Nature

Any company that moves from the local market to the international scene represents a face of its country, culture and traditions. This is especially true for brands from such a small country as Georgia.

Products of Healthy Water (“Tskali Margebeli”) are already being exported to 27 countries. Nabeghlavi and Bakhmaro Brands usually find their niches on foreign markets easily, since they are distinguished by special advantages compared to competitors and enjoy loyalty of customers. Such peculiarity is due to their natural taste and curative features, however the values, culture and traditions on which the brands stand and enrich the benefits granted by nature are also important.

Since its establishing, for 17 years now, Healthy Water has been supporter of many projects in cultural, educational and environmental sectors.

Education has a leading role in social activities of Healthy Water. Interest in this field is expressed by supporting school as well as higher education projects.

The Project For Educated Future is one of the most important educational projects, which is being implemented for the second year with Healthy Water’s support. The project allows winners of the National Olympiad to travel to Great Britain with the company’s assistance to raise the level of English language knowledge. It is noteworthy that many student conferences are being held regularly in Georgia’s university cities.

Along with education popularization of Georgian traditional culture, support of international cultural projects have always been priority for the company.

Healthy Water is a partner of such important event as Tbilisi International Film Festival, where young people from 25 countries have the opportunity to share their works and opinions an discuss important issues. In addition, the company does not forget the Georgian Culture and annually supports several events starting with concerts of Erisioni National Folklore Ensemble  ending with partnership of Art-Geni, one of the most significant cultural festivals in Georgia.

The Company by its essence and values represents Guria – one of the most picturesque regions of Georgia. Respectively, Healthy Water team allocates many resources for conducting and promoting environmental activities. In 2013, the company team designed such a form and design for Bakhmaro bottle, which appeared with reduced weight on the market, thus diminishing the harm inflicted by polyethylene. The Company frequently initiates cleaning campaigns across Georgia.

Moreover, the aforementioned is backed with multi-year work and expertise of the industry professionals supplemented with natural uniqueness of mineral and spring water that create complex of Nabeghlavi and Bakhmaro characteristics being liked by customers for so many years.

…. And indeed Nabehlavi is better!