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‘My Grandma’s Churchkhela’ Exported to South Korea

The first amount of ‘My Grandma’s Churchkhela’ was exported to South Korea. In few months, it is planned to export more and larger amounts of Churchkhela products to the country. Georgian Churchkhela will be sold in Korean Tea houses network.

“We received the special instructions from Korean partners and the next export of Churchkhela production will be more diverse. We will send both, the whole Churchkhelas and pieces. In general, we make Churchkhela without thread and we pack it”- explains the director of ‘My Grandma’s Churchkhela”, Gela Meskhia.

The company has negotiations with 10 countries about export deals. Except South Korea, they already exported testing amount to Poland, Great Britain and Russia.

The company was created in Zugdidi in 2014 and its production is sold in big supermarkets in Georgia.