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Muria – First Georgian Brand of Dog Clothing

Muria, the first Georgian dog clothing brand, appeared on the domestic market several months ago. The company was founded by 4 friends, including 3 ones are actors and one is a movie director.

Misha Charkviani told Business Course that there is much demand for dog clothing in Georgia. Previously, consumers had to import products from abroad. In Autumn the company will also launch production of dog houses. Muria products are sold by internet, he added. 

“Special material is required for sewing dog cloths. In most cases Georgian dogs are fatter, compared to standards, therefore, we always inquire size of their pets.

Muria products are sewn by hand. The company plans to employ several mew sewers.
You should like business idea and be devoted to it”, Beka Chakrviani noted.

“Consumers do not trust Georgian products in most cases. However, quality of Georgian products grows and consumer confidence will also increase”, Beka Charkviani said.