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Most Active Hotel in Georgian Media – Radisson Blu Leads the List

IPM Research continues statistic analysis of media activity of active industries and presents hotels that are mostly popular in Georgia media.

If there were only 89 active hotels in media in 2017, this number increased to 108 in the same period of 2018 year. Although while comparing 2 years data we found that, there isn’t difference in hotels towards media activity. Hotel Leogrand is exception. In current summer, it took the place of hotel Courtyard that was mostly active among six leading hotels in June-July 2017.

Sentiment profile of six leading hotels in Q2 shows balance among neutral, negative and positive. Negative sentiments were recorded connected to only one hotel – Leogrand. Everybody remembers tragedy that happened at the hotel. This year media means spread information that hotel continues operation without protecting safety norms.

The graphic shows that positive sentiments were mostly recorded connected to Hotel Biltmore Tbilisi. The hotel hosted many interesting and important events in the given period. Besides this, media informed about positive news of the hotel itself-new garden and bar restaurant “Azura” was officially opened at the hotel.