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Mineral Water “Gundauri” Returns on the Market

Mineral Water “Gundauri” Returns Back on the Market

After a few years of pause the mineral water “Gundauri” returns back on the Georgian market. Based on the information provided by the Radio Commersant, the company representatives stated that due to the some difficulties the company had in the past, the production was ceased. However, in the current year, the enterprise has renewed its operations and in the nearest period the production will be launched again.

According to them, the distribution takes place throughout Georgia. In addition, the company has several proposals from export markets.

At the company it was said that due to the strong features the mineral water “Gundauri” has, it will not be difficult for them to operate on the market without any problem.

The mineral water “Gundauri” is originated from Adjara, characterized as weak mineralized water.

The production will be sold to retail customers through liter and half-liter bottles. The price of mineral water per bottle comprises 1 GEL.

At first, the production was launched into the market in 2012, however, due to the company’s financial difficulties it was obliged to quit the market soon.