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Mikheil Chkuaseli
General Director of GeoPlant Mikheil Chkuaseli

Mikheil Chkuaseli: This is the Money of Taxpayers and we Should Receive Max Effect From Such Investments

We welcome the Georgian government is interested in the tea production sector, enlargement of raw materials basis, growth in harvest, because the development of all these directions will increase export revenues, however, It is important what mechanisms the government will apply to manage these funds. The main thing is to reach maximum of efficiency from these investments, Mikheil Chkuaseli, a director for GeoPlant company, a Gurieli tea manufacturer, said.

“Major investments are required to rehabilitate tea plantations, increase harvest and improve tea leaves quality. Besides investments, knowledge and experience also required to thoroughly meet agro technical standards. We know the state budget has allocated certain funds for this direction. I have no ground to assert this program cannot be implemented. At the same time, we should remember this is the money of taxpayers and similar investments should bring maximum effect.

“In other equal conditions similar state investment may be negatively appraised, because this signifies direct intervention in the business sector, but this step is justified for growing the agriculture sector’s output, employment, developing the traditional field, increasing exports potential and currency inflows, drawing potential investors,” Mikheil Chkuaseli said.

Therefore, mechanisms for attaining all these goals acquire crucial importance in terms of efficiency. It is also important that the submitted project does not call for compensating and subsidizing the price of raw material. The existing variant includes a part of capital expenditures that are necessary for plantations. A co-participation of private enterprisers are necessary.

We should also realize that the program implementation will outline the total space of productive tea plantations in the country, as well as the real results the country should expect from these plantations. I believe the Georgian Agriculture Ministry project is very interesting”, Chkuaseli added.

The tea plantations rehabilitation project is the result of joint efforts of the government and the private sector, he noted.

“Many people assert that the Government should assume the responsibility for planting tea bush, for production and sales of tea. This is a Communist-era approach. The USSR has collapsed and will never resurrect. Therefore, we should perform this job ourselves, we should produce high-quality tea ourselves. We should also learn developing brands”.