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Microsoft Offers Companies Software Asset Management to Leverage Cybersecurity Risks

Cyberattack is included on the list of the most important risks for information systems and services, that world business has to deal with. In particular, cyber security has become as important problem as world’s nuclear weapons and the fight against terrorism.

Development of technology and “cloud” systems, the emergence of new services and solutions in business management, a significant increase in information environment dynamics in which modern society, private and public sectors require special attention to provide personal data security. The nature of cyber threats constantly changes, and therefore the requirements for protection and methods are changed.

Microsoft offers companies Software Asset Management to leverage cybersecurity risks.

Meeting was held at the National Intellectual Property Center (‘’Sakpatenti’’) to discuss intellectual property protection and cyber security issues. The meeting was attended by Director of “Microsoft” Central and Eastern European Software Asset Management and Compliance ” Laurent Signoret and Chairman of” Sakpatenti “Nikoloz Gogilidze.

“The meeting was dedicated to the initiative of Microsoft, which offers their clients protection services from cyberattacks. Specifically, to assess what kind of software they use, where they need licensing, in what part are some risks that could result in disclosure of personal information and various kinds of cyberattacks. This service will facilitate the level of awareness about the importance of licensed product in society. In addition, users will be aware of what the main advantages they will use for legal products. It will be known that you are safe from expected cyberattacks when using protected licensing products “said Nikoloz Gogilidze, chairman of Sakpatenti.

At the meeting important topics were discussed, such as how much it is protected intellectual property in the world, including in countries like Georgia, what are the current ways to protect yourself, what is artificial intelligence role for cyber security in the development process, how can we respond the issues and others.

“I am very happy because we have a strong partnership with private and public sector companies in the IT industry, including” Microsoft “and” Sakpatenti “. Today we discussed several issues, one of which was about GDPR, which is the regulation of European data protection. It is mandatory for all companies, including Georgian companies, who have trade relations with the European Union and keep private data of European companies and citizens. We also talked about managing software assets that help companies improve cybercrime issues to understand the weaknesses of their infrastructure and reduce risks. Microsoft investments are very high in the field, and their purpose is to help users protect themselves from cyberattacks. There are some events, training and communications activities in the future that people and business sectors will better protect all intellectual property that destroys cybercrime” – Laurent Signoret, Director of “Central and Eastern European Software Asset Management and Compliance of Microsoft”, also considers that the protection of intellectual property is directly related to improving the country’s investment climate.

At the end of the meeting, the Parties agreed on the implementation of various actions related to the protection of intellectual property and cyber security, which will enhance consumer awareness of these issues.