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Microsoft Held Largest Event in Tbilisi – Explore Digital Transformation World

Microsoft held a large event at Rooms Hotel Tbilisi on the topic of digital transformation. Business leaders and IT department representatives participated by invitation.

The event was opened by Nikoloz Doborjginidze, the General Director of Microsoft Georgia. “This is the first large forum, organized and promoted by Microsoft. The forum covers the introduction of company’s solutions for users, which will help them to develop technological transformations and achieve greater results. We will help companies to have more opportunities in the direction of digital transformation,” Doborjginidze said.

Simultaneous meetings covered topics such as cloud technologies, digital transformation, virtual chat boxes and innovative solutions for managing social networks.

‘’My present speech was devoted to understanding the margin between man and machine is. How can a person live with machines? Where will the future come from? My simple answer to this is the following: the three things that a computer can’t replace are that I hear, I’m excited and I’m conscious. I think that all the forums or gatherings that serve to spread more information about IT technology in Georgia will be a kind of indicator for people working in the same field. They will know in what direction giant companies like Microsoft operate,” explained IT Technologies Specialist Andro Dgebuadze.

Within the framework of the forum, technical experts, independent software suppliers, Microsoft partners and more than 100 leading business managers were connected. They had the opportunity to learn IT solutions for three industrial sectors, namely government, finance and sales.

‘’It’s my first time in Georgia and I’m glad to be here. Our world is changing dramatically. We are here to discuss: what is digital transformation? What are the changes that affect business? I think Georgia is one of the most interesting countries. It doesn’t matter where you are, you must catch up with digital technologies,’’ said Miladi Stumbi, a representative from Microsoft.

Consequently, through Microsoft’s efforts, partners have been specially selected to demonstrate IT solutions to improve the business process and prepare companies for the digital era.

Microsoft was founded in 1975 (Nasdaq “MSFT”) and is the world leader in the field of software, services and solutions that helps people and businesses realize their full potential. Microsoft Georgia has operated since 2007. Its goal is to support licensed software for corporate clients and individuals.