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Mercedes-Benz is the Top Imported Vehicle in Georgia in 2015

Mercedes-Benz is the Top Imported Vehicle in Georgia in 2015

Wth 13,069 units, out of a total of 53,300 vehicles imported in Georgia during January-October 2015, Mercedes-Benz is the bestselling auto brand in Georgia, The FININCIAL writes.

The German brand is followed by Japanese Nissan and Toyota, each counting more than 5,000. The current year has been another difficult year for auto dealers, as total import has dropped by over 20% and re-exports – by 62%. In total, 53,300 units of vehicles (worth USD 339,950,800) were imported to Georgia from January-October 2015. The number was 65,736 (or USD 552,936,400) during the same period of the previous year. Annual data comparison has shown a 19% decrease.

Mercedes-Benz was the top imported vehicle in Georgia for the first ten months of 2015. The number reached 13,069 units, worth USD 78,837,000. It was followed by Nissan, with 5,578 units, worth USD 19,611,800; Toyota – 5,453 units worth USD 69,050,000; BMW – 5,140 units, or 35,801,500; and Opel – 5,001 units worth USD 10,942,500.

While all auto brands have seen a reduction in import this year, there was only one exception. German Audi has seen a slight increase in import this year, in comparison with the prior year. 851 units of Audi brand cars, worth USD 13,565,000, have been imported to Georgia this year, up from 800 units, or USD 5,549,600, from January-October 2014.

Georgian auto dealers managed to re-export just 14,927 units (worth USD 147,569,600) this year. The figure was 39,270 units (valued at USD 236,280,400) in January-October 2014. With 9,490 units, Armenia remains the top country in terms of re-exported cars from Georgia. It is followed by Azerbaijan, with 3,121 units. Georgia’s re-export to neighbouring Armenia was 20,145 units last year, while Azerbaijan counted 15,486 cars for that time.

The dramatic reduction of automobile sales in Azerbaijan from Georgia started in 2014. The Azerbaijani Government has now banned the import of cars that use fuel of a standard below Euro-4, consequently the export from Georgia to Azerbaijan of vehicles produced before 2005 (which used to be in the highest demand) has completely stopped.