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Menu Group Attracts 3mln USD for Boosting Regional Development

Menu Group UK Ltd has spread information about drawing 3 million USD investment for regional development. Key investors of the company are: Perea Capital Partners, Hayastan 1 and SOLventures.

Levon Oganesian,the founder of Delivery Club, is one of the managers of SOLventures. Mail.ru Group bought Delivery Club for 10mln USD in 2016.

At this stage, Menu Group UK Ltd is a leader of food delivery services in Armenia, Georgia and Belarus. As a result of a 5-year performance, the number of the company’s annual orders exceed 1 million. Currently, the company ranks second in terms of number of orders in CIS countries. According to the 2017 indicators, the company profits exceeded 3 million USD. 

Before, the company borrows 2 million USD convertible loan from private investors and Granatus Ventures company. In August 2017 the company bought Food Panda Georgia, which is owned by global player Delivery Hero. This deal has further strengthened the company’s position on Georgian market.

Menu Group plans to use the attracted finances for developing IT infrastructure, improving clients services and upgrading quality, enhancing marketing activities. The company plans to expand operation and offer high-income capital to new markets. 

“In 2012 our team organized a finished food delivery service in Armenia – Menu.am, inspired by Russian project Delivery Club”, Vahan Kerobian, Menu Group founder said.

Today we are building a global company. This investment will enable to accelerate growth paces, attain new level of management and knowledge, acquire more knowledge and become faster. In this way will care for our clients, partner restaurants, devoted couriers and all the staff, who are oriented on creating top-level services. 

We are happy special investors have joined our team, as they share the values of the company founders. I believe jointly we will create the history and bring happiness to millions of people”.

“We are happy to be able to cooperate with Menu Group led by Vahan Kerobian, because the company moves to an entirely new level to expand its functional capabilities”, Aizek Schwarz noted. 

We are excited by the Menu Group achievements on the markets of Armenia, Georgia and Belarus. The attracted investments will help the company to strengthen positions on the current markets and expand the operational geography”, Levon Ognesyan from SOLventures noted.
Perea Capital Partners – is an investment company in Houston and New-York led by Omar Musa.

Hayastan 1 – an investment fellowship managed by Aizek Schwarz, who is also a manager of the global portfolio of Robotti&Company Advisors (NYC).

SOLventures – a venture fund making investments in perspective IT and E-commerce projects.

Granatus Ventures – Armenian venture company managed by Manuk Ergnyan.