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Megadoors – Imports of Construction Materials toward Domestic Production Expansion

Door is one of the key components in modern design. Designers suggest to harmonize door, its color with house interior.  MegaDoors company offers a wide range of doors to Georgian customers, however, the company plans to expand assortment.

History of success for MegaDoors started 20 years ago. Initially, the company used to sell only construction materials. Founded in Batumi, the company offers any construction materials to customers – starting from plaster, bathroom equipment and a wide spectrum of construction materials.

In 2017 MegaDoors obtained a financial support as part of Produce in Georgia state program and expanded business. Namely, the company obtained 2 million GEL financial component and a land plot for 1 GEL. Thanks to the mentioned  resources and its own savings, the company opened wood processing plant on Kairo Street in Tbilisi and employed 50 persons in addition.

The company management has serious plans for future to replace wood doors imports by domestic products. The company plans to broaden assortment by the end of 2017 and offer metal doors for exterior, besides interior doors.

Moreover, MegaDoors company intends to launch exports. Initially, the company management plans to send test consignment of 400-450 doors to Armenia and Azerbaijan. At the same time, the company plans to start using  raw materials. After the company starts exports and obtains licenses for wood material production, MegaDoors plant will be able to move to full-capacity production.

 Mimoza Gabaidze, MegaDoors sales manager, told the Caucasus Business Week (CBW) that the company has already applied to the due instance to obtain wood cutting license. Having obtained the license, MegaDoors will apply domestic wood materials. Currently, the company uses Austrian Kromostar raw materials.

So far the company has not taken part in various tenders, but the management plans to take efforts in this direction too. Before, MegaDoors offers products to construction companies, retails stores…

The company always tries to satisfy the relevant demands and follow the market tendencies through participation in international exhibitions. At the same time, exhibitions provide good opportunity for MegaDoors to set up new contacts and outline future perspectives.

Currently, this success enables company to have employed 150 citizens.