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Meeting with the Vice President of the Lactalis Group

Georgia Develops its Dairy Production: Lactalis Enters Georgia

The representatives of French Company Lactalis and Georgian Company Sante met with Georgian authorities.

Lactalis became one of the shareholders of Sante, which will enable company to present Georgian products on international market and develop local production of milk and dairy products. French Company to Georgian market will contribute towards popularization of Georgian dairy products and will foster development of Georgian economy.
Vice President of Lactalis Group Michel Nalet provided information to Prime Minister regarding the activities and plans of his respective company. He expressed hope that Georgian cheese will meet international quality standards and will be exported under the Georgian trademark.

“Global brand Lactalis is entering Georgia via becoming the shareholder of Sante. This is crucially important transaction and substantial investment for Georgia. Lactalis is sizeable company that employs 75 000 people. The Company will export Georgian product to the European market and the Georgian product that has Georgian trademark will be placed on market. Respective investment is crucial in terms of strengthening image of Georgia. Namely, while entering the region, Lactalis selected Georgia to negotiate with other regional countries. We welcome the entry of the company to Georgia”, – Prime Minister declared after the meeting.

Lactalis is a dairy group founded by André Besnier in 1933. Currently, family-owned Lactalis Group owns many successful global brands, including President, Parmalat, Galbani. The group currently employs 75,000 people, and owns more than 200 industrial plants around the world, in 43 different countries.

The meeting held at the Administration of Government was attended by the President of GMT Group and head of Sante supervisory board Giorgi Tavadze and Director General of Sante Erekle Tavadze.