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Medical Center “Lancet” Closes

Medical center “Lancet”  closes. The clinic staff told”Commersant” about   financial problems the clinic faces.
In addition, the employees say that they have not even received their salaries for October 2014. According to them, the clinic has a strategy that employees operate without salaries.

In their words, the hospital administration justifies themselves saying that management is not able to pay in time, despite the fact that  the clinic has enough patients.

The clinic General Manager Ramilia Aliyeva says  that the talks of  closing  the clinic or its selling  are  inadequate and untrue.

She notes that  the medical institutions are dependent on the general insurance system, as a result, the funds for performed work are transferred  from  the Ministry of Health. Aliyeva says that therefore, works will be paid when the Ministry transfersthe funds.

Aliyeva also emphasizes that wages delay is common for newly-opened clinic, but does not prove that the clinic complains of a lack of patients. In her words, the clinic has already begun to issue salaries  for October , and if anyone doesn’t likeanything,  he can quit his job.

In the words of Aliyeva, the agreement signed with the staff  provides for the issuance of salary within 45 days after the work is performed.

Medicine Trade Unions’ lawyer Raisa Liparteliani says  that “Lancet ” is not a member of their  organization  but if they turn to them, they are ready to  render assistance.

However, she  explains that a period of 45 days specified in the contract is illegal.

Liparteliani stresses that there is a stipulation in the Labor Code according to which,  the agreement cannot affect the rules established by  the Labor Code. The article 32 of the Labor  Code says that people need to receive a salary  once a month. According to her,  the Labor Code envisages payment of 0.07 interest for each day of delay.

“Commersant” is trying to connect to the Health Ministry.

Note: A unique new medical center Lancet opened in 12km, D. Agmashenebeli Alley in Tbilisi on May 12 becoming the largest investment project in the history of Georgian medicine with a $25 million investment.

The ten-storey hospital features the latest equipment with 200 beds, 15 operating tables, 7 elevators, private ambulances, emergency helipad, oxygen production plant, a HOTEL AND a cafe.