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Media Advertising Budget For Your Business

Advertising your business is never an easy endeavor, but it is a highly necessary one. Just like for anything else in the business world, you, as a business owner, need to establish a clear communication strategy to identify the specific demographic and social class your business aims at attracting. Stemming from that information you move onto addressing different media outlets, such as TV, Web and Print Media. Of course, the combination of all these would give your business the best exposure. However, with limited finances, which one should you address?

At Business Week we took these three popular advertising media and calculated how much advertising at each of them on average will cost your business in Georgia. The costs represent an arithmetic mean of three major companies of each industry. For the purposes of collegial discreteness we do not disclose the names of these companies.



TV advertising cost is calculated in advertising per minute during the prime time interval, which is 8 pm to 11 pm. We calculate the arithmetic mean of three major TV stations in Georgia’s prime time advertising costs – GEL 8,512 per minute.Web advertising represents costs of placing web banners on popular news portals. We took the price of placing a head banner on a popular website. The average cost, as you can see on the Infographic above, amounted to GEL 1,181 per month.



In Print Media advertising, such as our newspaper represents, we calculated the cost of placing a full-page ad for a month, the arithmetic mean of which amounted to GEL 3,177 – arithmetic mean of three major newspapers in Georgia.