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Meat Box Tbilisi

Meatbox Company Introduces New Variety of Frankfurters of Domestically Produced Meat

Meatbox company has introduced a new variety of frankfurters in the retail network. The product is made of domestically produced meat. Currently, the company has opened two stores in Tbilisi.

Besides sausage, the stores also trade in pelemenes and slapjacks of domestic meat. The company also plans to produce ham and other sausage goods, Levan Chichinadze, one of the founders of Meatbox company told the Commersant.

The company appeared on the market in November 2015. Besides the mentioned products, it also produces Apkhazura and Kupati. As to frankfurter sausage, the company manufactures the product by its own recipe at one of the major manufacturing enterprises.


The company founder says they do not have own farm and they purchase meat at one of the slaughterhouses.

“We have concluded an agreement with specific slaughterhouse – Halal Group that specially selects specific sort of meat and a certain volume of products. This is a prestigious company holding the HASP certificate and is recognized by European countries”, Levan Chichinadze said.

“Today in Georgia in the wholesale market this sort of meat is purchased by only 10-15 companies, while the remaining part is bought by top-class restaurants. Despite this, we sell the meat at 10-15% lower prices, because our profits margin is zeroed, in practice. At this stage we are oriented on attracting more consumers.

There is no similar store in the market. We explored the market and identified that organized trade facilities are located in high-segment places such as hypermarkets, where the meat prices are 20% higher compared to the fair.

Others prefer to buy at markets, where, to my thought, hygienic norms are not protected, as determined by the Georgian legislation. 90% of the sellers do not satisfy these standards”, Levan Chichinadze said.

Georgian consumers pay less attention to origins and quality of meat, despite high prices. Frequently, consumers are interested in origins, ingredients, expiration date of chocolates, but never inquire information about meat, because this culture has not been developed in our country yet, he said.

“Our citizens trust the seller from whom they may have been buying meat for 20 years. You will often hear – “I will not sell this meat to you” or “This is not for you” and so on. Our idea has come from this factor. We were interested in where do we buy this meat?! Why do we trust this boy who assures not to buy this one, this is not for us and so on, while it is interesting what is for us?! Where do they buy this meat and so on”, Meatox company representative said.

The company plans to introduce the products to various market too, he added.