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Meat Company Founded in Georgia with Georgian-Swiss Investment

Production of meat was launched by  “Blauenshtain Georgia” company established with the Georgian-Swiss investment which also owns the cattle farms in the region of Racha.

For the first time in Georgia, “Blauenshtain Georgia” has produced the so-called “flesh meat” meeting modern standards. Cattle is slaughtered in a special way after that meat is placed in  refrigerators  with appropriate humidity and temperature for 14-21 days in order to  minimize the acidity in the meat.

Meat produced by this method is distinguished with   remarkable flavoring qualities. At this stage the company produces  10 varieties of frankfurters, 3 varieties of sausages and a variety of dishes made according to the European recipe. The factory is equipped with the latest Swiss-French technology. Hygiene practices are fully protected. Laboratory studies are conducted continuously at all production stages.

The company owns cattle farms in the villages of  Racha-Lechkhumi region.   In the village of Sori, the company built a modern slaughter house  which meets international standards. Veterinary control and laboratory studies are constantly performed to ensure manufacturing  of safe, high-quality products.

“Blauenshtain Georgia” invested a total of  GEL 15 million and  employed 60 people.

The company’s founder  Max Blauenshtain familiarized Minister of Agriculture of Georgia Otar  Danelia with the products manufactured at the enterprise that  will be sold on the local market.

“Healthy Holding” is another successful example of Georgia – Swiss business cooperation which was founded in 1997 and includes mineral water company “Healthy Water”, “Marneuli Food Factory”, the distribution company “ENGADI”, innovative enterprises in rural farming “Marneuli Agro” and Teleti  “Healthy farm”.