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Matériel Company Exporting Products to 10 Countries

Matériel company has built an European-standard factory in Tbilisi, where about 250 workers are employed. The figure is expected to rise in the course of time. The company unites products of Georgian designers and two brands – premium-class Materiel and medium-class Dots.

At this stage, the company exports products to 10 countries, including to Switzerland, Australia, South Korea, Russia, Italy, China, Armenia, Qatar, Kuwait, Ukraine. In the near future Matériel company plans to unveil its first store in New York, the USA.

Salome Mikashavidze, Materiel holding PR manager, talks about the details in her interview with the Business Morning.

-The brand has the history of many years. The company has passed many phases and today it unites two specific directions. What else does Materiel company comprise?

-Materiel has been operating as a house of fashion since 2003. The company manufactures uniforms and clothes developed by Georgian designers. In general, the holding comprises four key directions: line of uniforms, line of sports clothing for rugby players and line of fashion that is divided in two directions – premium-class Material and medium-class Dots. As to NYC store, it is a conceptual store, showroom that will unite several designers.

-Besides NYC, would you talk about other exports markets?

-At this stage, we export mainly products of Materiel to about 10 countries, including to Russia, China, Australia, Italy, Switzerland. However, we face certain problems in Europe.

-What are main obstacles?

-An only reason is that we import due fiber from Turkey. If we were buying the material in Europe, we would  have EURO1 documents and we would supply our products to Europe without problems. Without this document we face certain problems. Quality of Turkish, Chinese and European fibers are the same, but prices differ very much. According to our information, in several months Turkey will be also able to provide EURO1 documents and we are waiting for this change.

About 60% of our sales are recorded in Tbilisi, 35% on exports markets and 5% at online stores. Both brands  own online stores.

-Recently Materiel borrowed 1.2 million GEL from EBRD and unveiled a factory. What will be spent this financial resource on?

-Foreign customers requested that their order be manufactured at our factory. Therefore, we bought a production line. As a result, our output increased by 10-15%. We plan to buy more machineries.