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Masha Melkova: Microsoft is a Family of Individuals United by One Common Mission

Microsoft’s ”Explore Digital Transformation World” was the biggest event of the year on digital transformation. The business leaders and IT department representatives were invited to participate in Digital Evolution Forum by invitation of the company “Microsoft”.

Meetings, which were held in parallel mode, were dedicated to such important topics as cloud technologies, digital transformation, innovative solutions for social network management, virtual chatboxes and more.

The leading specialist of marketing and operations in the Europe region Masha Melkova discussed about what are the changes in the world of digital transformation in retail and what expectations we should have:

In general, the process of buying is changing rapidly in the world, including the role of retail trade. Digital technology has completely replaced traditional, retail trade-driven business model. In the past one channel was absolutely enough to give stimulus to sales, and most of them preferred to invest in online offers. But today, retail sellers must do much more to succeed, in particular retail sellers need to create different and individual experiences.

purchase of a product is not an isolated process, it’s part of the integrated experience of shopping, which includes online stores, social media, physical stores and others. The online and offline shopping margin is gradually obscure. For example, social media influences 33% of the store purchase.

Members of team are the most important factor in any business development. How do you attract employees?

Any size organization around the world faces new challenges such as strengthening staff, attracting clients, optimizing operations, introduction of new technologies and transformation of products. The most important player in the process is the person, in this case it is impossible to achieve the sustainable development of business without attracting employees.

We are a family of individuals at Microsoft, that is united by common mission. This is our opportunity to work together to make our dreams convincing and ultimately achievable. We will carry out important ideas and requirements to bring our clients the best products. We are proud that we are members of the Microsoft team.

If we fulfill the tasks set out, we will achieve our mission. We are motivated every day to encourage others to do more, and to achieve their goals with our technologies and innovations.

Work force becomes further mobile. How do you answer that?

For the first time in human history, we have five generations of labor resources. This colossal variety translates to an employee’s expectations, benefits, technological skills and attitude towards work. Labor resources are much more mobile, people often change jobs, and older employees are retiring. This creates a significant problem in maintaining and managing knowledge. At the same time, the flow of information is more open than ever before and the need for transparency is always high. Younger employees are “open” in the digital sense. The number of employees is now twice as many as 5 years ago. Employees spend part of their time on joint work – meetings, telephone calls or e-mails – it’s about 50% and occupies 80% or more of the time.

In addition, geographical boundaries are no longer a barrier to connect with a person who has the most appropriate qualifications and the likelihood that such an expert is available to increase. Because of the magnitude of the supply of technology in the world, “Microsoft” has a unique position to assist companies in the development of employees, business growth and innovation.

How would you measure digital success in marketing? What is it like and what is KPI?

Although investments in digital marketing continue to grow on global scale, analytics is becoming increasingly important. The real KPI is the relevance of the campaign’s goals and the campaign itself. We should take care of using digital tools to provide smooth functioning of planned rotation processes. As marketing becomes more aggressive, analysts should behave similarly. In the future, a predictable analyst will play an important role in the development of the company. Correct analytics will be the key for KPI delivery.