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Marlboro Won’t Be Available on Georgian Market?

Cigarette brands Marlboro and Parliament will be no longer available on Georgian market.

As it was told to BPI by relevant sources, except Marlboro none of Philip Morris cigarettes will be sold at Georgian shops. As it is known Philip Morris distributes different kinds of brands such as Parliament, L&M, Chesterfield and Bond.

According to relevant sources there has been legal controversy between Philip Morris and Omega Group which implemented the distribution in Georgia.

According to BPI media agency, deficit is result of legal controversy with distributor company “Omega Group” and is not related to increased excise tax.

At this time Georgian representatives of Philip Morris international do not comment on this issue, however according to BPI the company will announce reasons this week.

BPI has contacted Omega group whose representatives are on holiday breaks until January 14 and do not comment on the issue, which is important for Georgian customers.