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Marilisi - Georgian Soul in Jewelry

Marilisi – Georgian Soul in Jewelry

All jewelry houses have similar histories of inception. When masters strive for establishing their own styles and tastes, they create a collection based on their own ideas. If the society shows interest towards this style and works, then this undertaking grows systematically.

The demand and recognition grows. All in its proper time. Genuine affairs cannot be made in rush. We just should not avoid difficulties. You should remember that not everybody will approve your affairs, but you should not surrender your visions and principles if you believe in your idea.

We have the same case with Marilisi founded by jeweler Natia Gotsiridze. She determines the company art direction. Natia says that our golden art heritage is not just a subject of pride and glory, but it imposes huge responsibility on the contemporary artists. When our ancestors have created the Bedia Ampulla and Khakhuli Triptych, you must not touch this trade without high-level professionalism.

Not only the history, but also principles and schedule of creating jewelry houses are the same. Anybody who has even once visited the world’s distinguished jewelry workshops will agree with me.
Marilisi - Georgian Soul in JewelryBe it Cartier, Bulgari or Marilisi, the essential principle remains the same: special style of art, high professionalism and discipline in all chains. Similar companies ensure uncompromisingly high-quality and refined management. Experience of each company is priceless in this issue. We exist for 8 years, but we do the business that will work for our society and country after 20 and 40 years too.

There is no unfeasible task and project for us. We create masterpieces and we are proud that we have laid a foundation of a jewelry house tradition in Georgia. This is an entirely different service compared to an ordinary jewelry store. Regretfully, in the Soviet period, the high-level jewelry art was frozen on the level of jewelry plants and the ruling ideology was dominating on decorations too.

Our society perceives the concept of a jewelry house a little strangely, but it gets accustomed to it stage by stage and appreciates it. We believe in our art and therefore, we stubbornly strive ahead. This is very important.

The company logo was created in Merilisi. It emphasizes strength. Two lions create Latin M jointly. The decoration made by a master inspires everybody. It is wonderful to wear a decoration of the material created by the nature for many millennia. And a master transforms it into a beautiful work after hundreds of hours of tireless job.

– When did you open your stores in Georgia?

– Two months ago, when a premium-class jewelry boutique of Marilisi jewelry house was unveiled on I. Abashidze Street N43. Marilisi has also developed a network of branded showcases for hotel shopping at Georgian and foreign brand hotels. In foreign countries, the culture of hotel shopping was established long ago, while in Georgia we are the first who has implemented a similar project. Today this network includes the most famous and prestigious hotels and tourism locations in eastern and western Georgia. River Side Hotel is our partner hotel in Tbilisi, while the company design shop operates at the Borjomi Rixos, an international network of hotels. Marilisi’s beautiful design shop was unveiled in Borjomi in July. We offer high-quality silver decorations to the hotel visitors designed in ethnic and modern styles. All of them represent intellectual property of Marilisi.

Our jewelry works are made in Tbilisi, at Marilisi laboratory-workshop. High-quality precious metals are used for their creation, as well as precious and semiprecious natural gems. We care for the quality of production process. It is of crucial importance to manage technologies properly.

Marilisi produces decorations for tasteful clients. Exclusive works made at our workshop, to be precise, masterpieces, are interesting for collectors. High-quality and professionally manufactured jewelry works cannot be cheap products. Therefore,   medium and high-income segments are main users of our products.

At the same time, we offer very democratic prices in the segment of gift silver products that is desirable and interesting segment for both Georgian consumers and tourists and foreign society.1  (20)

– Amid huge competition how Marilisi is trying to strengthen the brand’s positions on the market?

– I would not say there are many domestic jewelry production brands in Georgia. Nor competition is sharp. On the market you will mainly meet imported jewelry works, both cheap and expensive samples. We consider ourselves to be the market leader – thanks to high quality and standards that we offer to our clients. Marilisi perception grows in our society and naturally, this is reflected on the commercial side of the company.

– You make special and extravagant products. Does your brand follow the world fashion trends?

– The extravagant style that is characteristic to Marilisi frequently does not always match jewelry standards. Disproportional forms received in the process of cutting a gem make special impression. Marilisi takes into account the world fashion tendencies basically at the level of structures.

– What age category is interested in your works?

– You will see rings, necklaces and bracelets that are interesting for both teenagers and adults. We have special functional works for children that can be gifted for birthdays or christening with much pleasure. However, mainly, young people over 18-age category buy our decorations.

1  (14)– How many professionals work on making your jewelry works?

– A great number of professionals work on creating collections. A major creative group of professionals – artists, designers, painters, masters, managers, specialist-consultants. This is a joint chain and one big interconnected team. Our company employs interesting persons. The idea is created after long thought and much energy is required for its implementation. It is huge responsibility to create a new model and all chains of the company equally share this responsibility.

Our decoration has its own clients. They precisely know what they want. When they enter the Marilisi world, they do not cease their relations with the jewelry house for many years. We serve tasteful, determined and ambitious clients – the features that is embodied in Marilisi.