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Marika Dvali: "For the successful Communication with the Public, you Just Need to Love People in the First Place"

Marika Dvali: “For the successful Communication with the Public, you Just Need to Love People in the First Place”

Interview with Marika Dvali, Head of Public Relations Office of Ambrolauri Municipality.

Why did you decide to enter this field and what opportunities does it give in terms of career growth?

For the effective work and development of any field, one of the essential conditions is to direct public relations in a right way, which in turn contains many aspects. The correctly implemented PR can make a great contribution to the success of the organization, otherwise it will be very damaging.

Personally, I have been working for public relations for 12 years now and I am convinced that it is a very interesting field that needs multi-level knowledge and development that does not give you a moment to relax.

What is it necessary to hold successful communication with public?

There is no perfect formula in this direction, but I think that for the successful communication with the public, first of all you need to just love people. You will be able to overcome any barrier with warmth and kind attitude. But this is not enough … you should be a professional in your case and know your audience well. You should always have an answer to the questions that are interesting to the public and talk to them in their understandable language. If you do all this, you will get the desired result.

Three tips you would give to whom wants to start their career out in this field.

It’s a bit awkward to advise others, but I believe that the necessary condition for working in this field is communication, creativity, ability to quickly adapt to any situation and positive attitude towards innovation.

What would you wish you’ve known before entering this field?

Public Relations serves as a sort of mediator between the company and society, so when you are in this area you have to analyze what kind of audiences you have and what they want from you. Only then you establish right form of communication.

Describe your typical week.

For more than 10 years, I worked in the Racha-Lechkhumi-Kvemo Svaneti Regional Administration, and now I lead PR service in Ambrolauri Municipality.

This is one of the mountainous and at the same time the region having best prospects. However, since there are no local TV or radio stations, central TVs do not have bureaus, and in municipalities newspapers are published only once a month, PR specialists are very loyal to the local population in terms of providing information correctly.

Social networks play a great role, but due to the specificity of the region, direct contact with the public is especially important. Taking into consideration all this, we organize meetings with locals, representatives of different fields, young people, plan actions and events … We try to provide them with answers to their questions, directly from the heads of the region and municipalities.

What are the best ways to get contacts and sources?

Contacts usually come along with work experience. You work, study with them or meet during projects.

Will you recall successful project or PR campaign during your work?

I would like to highlight the most positive and warm action, “July – the month of Racha”, which was first performed in the summer of the year and was quite successful.

It was the first large-scale action in the framework of the public and private sector efforts and the well-being of the public, it was possible to support the families of different families in Racha, to organize the “kind evenings” for children, encourage the population of the highest mountain villages. Action was planned In July, however, Because the number of volunteers, it lasted for a few months. I hope this project will be implemented every year and will form as a larger scale.

What are the skills successful PR Manager needs?

– Good PR manager should be positive, sociable, emotionally balanced, should have “extensive” education and practical experience with theoretical knowledge. Part of these qualities can be taken over time, but there are skills that are not inherent, They can not be learned.

What traits do you value in co-workers?

Loyalty, internal positives, fairness, competence and responsible attitude towards the case. And with all of this, I respect the plainess. It does not matter where you are and what you are doing, first of all was the personality and then the other.

What trends and innovations can be seen in public relations?

– We live in the era of technological development, which in itself is reflected in the field of public relations. Approaches are changing, new platforms are created, more news channels appear, and it gives you the opportunity to add new ideas to your creativity and audience.