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Marble Meat Manufacturer from Natsreti

Zurab Psuturi – Farmer of the Future. He started active farming 6 years ago by breeding beef cattle in village Natsreti, Gori District.

Today the young farmer has a farm of 72 cows and supplies products to top class hotels.

“Initially, my farther started this business. Later I continued this undertaking. I faced many obstacles in terms of growing and feeding cattle and sales of beef products. Later I joined the Farmer of the Future program and my approaches  changed entirely. The program helped me consider this undertaking as business. I received information on new technologies, biopharmaceuticals and, thanks to these innovations, my revenues rose by 30-40%.

Today I apply new technologies to grow cattle in my farm. I use innovative approaches and all farmers should grow cattle by new technologies.

Daily gain in weight was 1kg-1200 kg, while biopharmaceuticals increased the volume to 1500-1700 kg. I had to spend 7-8 GEL on one kilogram production, while new technologies have reduced expenditure to 5-6 GEL, while selling price ranges from 8 to 10 GEL”, Zurab Psuturi said.

It is of crucial importance to correctly choose cattle breeds and correctly feed them.

“Replacement and improvement of cattle breeds is a relevant issue in Georgia. I mainly grow domestic breeds from Samtskhe-Javakheti region, hybrid of Caucasian Tsabla and Swiss cattle. They give excellent results in terms of gain in weight.

Feeding is of crucial importance in cattle growing. Balanced feeding brings good results in terms of gain in weight. Biopharmaceuticals  promote  feed balance aspects significantly”, the farmer said.

Zurab Psuturi also makes accent on protection of sanitary norms and quality control issues. His product has deserved highest evaluation after laboratory examination and this factor has enabled the farmer to sell beef to top-class hotels.

“Today farmers try to sell their products, but they have to pass 2-3 mediator chains before final sales outlets  and their expenditures considerably grow. Thanks to the Farmer of the Future program, several farmers have united under the same opinion for cooperation and this is very good, because the cooperative is able to have direct contact with sales market. As a result, the consumer also receives benefits as the product price gets lower.

Thanks to the Farmer of the Future program, I have contacted top-class hotels and they called my product as Marble Meat, Zurab Psuturi, 31, said. He urges other farmers to follow his experience and develop their businesses in this way.