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Mango to be Opened in Tbilisi Mall

Mango Store to Open in Tbilisi Mall

A store of the Spain’s most international fashion brand Mango will open in Tbilisi Mall. Mango brand stores, located in the city center closed earlier this year. Novo Group, the brand’s representation in Georgia, claims that the store’s closure was decided at the brand’s head office.

Then they could say that Mango was unofficially represented on the market and the company planned to enter the market officially. Retail Group Georgia confirms an official store will be opened in Tbilisi Mall but avoids talking about details. Local publication Commersant.ge reports Mango will be represented not only by women but also men’s and children’s lines as well. After Tbilisi Mall, wellknown company’s store will be opened in other shopping centers. MANGO, is a clothing design and manufacturing company, founded in Barcelona, Catalonia (Spain) in 1984.