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Major Foreign Internet Providers to Enter Internet Market of Georgia

Kakha Beqauri, head of Georgian National Communications Commission (GNCC) told at today’s meeting that GNCC is working in introduction of major global Internet providers to the Georgian market. They have already started negotiations with domestic landline Internet providers.

Certain obstacles arose in the process and GNCC strictly controls this process and nobody will be allowed to artificially hinder entrance of major foreign companies to the market, Beqauri said.

“The commission continues active operation to boost competition on wholesale market, especially on landline Internet wholesale market. Today we have unfavorable situation on this market in terms of competitionб but I assure you that the commission has been performing efficient job on this issue. Oveк theсpast years nothing has been done in this respect. We will manage to arrange strong competition on the market, but to this end major global Internet providers should enter the market and this process is underway. As a result, service tariffs will decline.

We have engaged in this issue to ensure unbiased process so as the current operators not affect this process. I would like to note that certain obstacles appeared in this issue and at this stage we are clarifying the reasons. I promise that nobody will be allowed to hinder this process”, Kakha Bekauri noted.

The commission has already taken practical steps and at the end of 2017 landline Internet tariffs declined to 15 GEL from 32 GEL, Bekauri said.

“This price will further decline, but the main thing is to create sales points and introduce tariffs regulation and improve wholesale infrastructure. The commission will follow this process to the end to ensure access of small and medium operators to wholesale Internet market”, the commission chairman said.