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Maia and Lia: the Refugees Cultivating a New Future in Agriculture

The EU closely cooperates with Georgia to assist progress towards reforms that will help to strengthen the country and improve the living conditions for its citizens. Gender equality is at the heart of this cooperation. Supporting women’s initiatives in different areas, promoting a fair society where men and women have equal rights, and providing opportunities for quality education are key areas of focus for the EU’s support.

In this article, Georgian women share how they benefited from opportunities offered to them thanks to EU-Georgia cooperation. Their stories show how this cooperation is helping to change lives for women across Georgia on a practical level and make the country stronger.

Maia and Lia: the refugees cultivating a new future in agriculture

Lia Kekelishvili and her family moved from South Ossetia following the conflict in 2008 and settled in Tsinamdzgvriantkari village in the Mtskheta Municipality. She is one of the founders of the agricultural cooperative “Gifts of a Forest”.

“Together with other women who also moved from the conflict zone, we decided to start harvesting and processing traditional and organic ‘Askili’ rose hip,” she says. “It is a healthy and vitamin-rich plant. Its extract is used to make tea or juice in Georgia.”