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Maia Khetsuriani: 94 mln Patients Worldwide Treated with Servier Medicines Daily

Company ‘Servier’ has been functioning on the Georgian pharmaceutical market for 15 years, having been established in France in 1954 and opening offices in numerous other countries thereafter. The General Manager of Servier Representative office in Georgia, Maia Khetsuriani, spoke to us about the achievements and successes of the company.

“These past 15 years of having Servier on the Georgian pharmaceutical market have been interesting, colourful and full of challenges,” she told us. “Since 2003, the company has gone through multiple levels of development. Our company is focused on the patients’ needs and on distributing the best therapeutic treatments for them. A number of scientific projects have been carried out with medical society which brought important benefits to the development of different fields of medicine in Georgia and to the patients in an increase in access to high quality medicines.”

Maia Khetsuriani goes on to note that Servier-Georgia is associated with high quality, innovation and progress, and highlights that 94 patients worldwide use Servier drugs every day.

“Servier has kept its strong position on the Georgian pharmaceutical market for 15 years, giving Georgian patients access to effective medical treatment. I believe this is the main feature of the success of the company.”

She also highlights the dedicated Georgian team, “outstanding” both in its professional characteristics and united spirit as it seeks innovation.

“Servier has 4 corporate values: Dare to innovate, taking care of each other and the patients, share for professional growth and commit to succeed. I think the Georgian office of Servier integrates all four,” Khetsuriani notes.

What are the major strengths of the company that keep it in place on the market and consistently developing?

The first and most vital fact is that our company is oriented on the research sector and invests 25% of its income (one of the highest indicators in the pharmaceutical sphere) in research and the investigation of new molecules. It has 16 research centres worldwide. In 2002, the company won the Galien Prize in recognition of its’ creativity in Research. As a result, Servier medicines are differentiated by high efficiency and safety profile of the treatment. Today, Servier works in five therapeutic spheres: cardiology, endocrinology, angiology, neurology and already in oncology.

Servier drugs represent an effective weapon in doctors’ hands for managing number of diseases with effective reduction of symptoms, improvement patients’ quality of life and depending on disease reducing risk of life threatening compilations. The need for such medical treatment is high for both doctors and patients.

Why did Servier choose to open an office in Georgia in 2003?

It’s hard for me to name one major reason. It’s the strategy of the company to develop internationally and establish representations in different countries. The first Servier office to be opened outside France was in London in 1964. After that, multiple offices were added annually. Today, Servier operates in 149 countries, with 21,700 employees. The Georgian office, with 42 employees, is one member of this big family.

I’m proud that our office has managed to gain an important position in Georgia and within our company. The proof of it is that with the support of Georgian Medical society and French Head office, there has been lots of scientific projects conducted. One of the last was held in Batumi: 13 international experts participated in the Black Sea Phlebology Meeting. It was a combination of experience-sharing for Georgian doctors and recognition of the country and the specialists of this sphere for the further organization of similar meetings.

What have been the main obstacles during your 15 years of development?

I don’t believe it’s possible to develop and achieve success without obstacles. When they have already been overcome, there is no difficulty, and then it is more of a challenge. And there were a lot of challenges during these 15 years.

Where and how you see Servier in the next 15 years?

Servier strives for permanent development, while dare to innovate is main moto of the company. Servier made acquisition of Shire Oncology business and created new subsidiary in USA. Servier has signed partnerships with private and public actors, such as Harvard and University of San Francisco. A new research centre with a bio innovation direction has also been established in Boston.

Today, Servier is well-known for its’ presence in Cardiology, Angiology and Endocrinology. Company objective is to launch one new molecular entity every 3 years and also to become a key player in oncology. Looking to the past what was done and company current dedication, I believe that is real future. Speaking about Georgian office, I am sure we will face new challenges in the changing environment and hope that with the strong values and great will, we’ll reach new levels of development.