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David Lee

Magticom’s Former President Moves to Agriculture Sector

David Lee, the former president of Magticom company, has moved to agrarian sector. David Lee represents Iranian Company Arik Group that has been implementing several projects in Georgia. David Lee is an executive director of Arik Group.

Today Georgia provides best investment environment and the country should valuably use this chance, the businessman said.

“It is clear today Georgia has the biggest potential ever, because the country has free trade regime with EU. The same regime will be established with China in the nearest future. Moreover, the country has visa-free regime with EU and this is very important for companies. What should the Authorities do in this situation? The Authorities should cooperate with business sector, especially in regions. I believe a special emphasis should be made on power sector, tourism and agriculture. I think today the agriculture sector actors lack for due education and technologies. The country should take huge, not small, steps for development”, David Lee said.

We remind you that Arik Group Iranian company is building three factories in Sagarejo District – winery, dried fruits and pistachio plants. The company plans to expand activities to western Georgia too and arrange berry, kiwi and persimmon plantations for exports to Germany.