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David Lee

MagtiCom: Society Has Right to Know in whose Hands Internet Is

According to David Lee, Director General of the Georgian mobile communications company MagtiCom, the 2016 year will be challenging in terms of the national currency rate and external risks.

The Russian ruble is experiencing a collapse, Azerbaijan is facing serious problems, and Georgia is trying to find a way out of this unfavorable situation. Georgia has  carried out many reforms and is the only country in the region  which has established relationships with all its neighbors, including Russia.

“The expansion of cooperation with China is the most important achievement of 2015, as well as  participation in the Silk Road revival project, the signing of an association agreement with the EU and adoption of the EU decision to liberalize the visa regime with Georgia. The country is focused on Europe, and this is the right path of development. However, the population is in a difficult situation due to the devaluation of the lari and high unemployment. With regard to foreign investments, Georgia must prove to investors that the country is stable,” David Lee notes.

In Magitom’s Director General’s words, the attraction of foreign investments is a common cause. David Lee notes that 2016 is an election year, but no fundamental changes are expected.

“The year will be successful for the tourism industry as much has been done in this sector. We will see the completion of many large-scale projects that have already entered the final stage,” David Lee stresses.

He also comments on a deal  between the internet provider Caucasus Online and a mobile operator Beeline. Lee explains that MagtiCom was interested in the acquisition of additional Internet assets from Caucasus Online, but the process has been suspended.

Citizens of Georgia have the right to know in whose hands the Internet is, that is the source of information. Today, the Internet is an integral part of national security policy as a global network is not only a tool for economic and democratic progress, but also a potential weapon. Therefore, the public should have transparent and clear information about who has access to the Internet in Georgia.