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Magticom has 30 percent More Income than Geocell

Georgia has 4 934 281 mobile phone subscribers. According to 2016, the majority of subscribers belong to Magticom.  There are 1 987 000 subscribers in Magticom network. There are 1 716 000 subscribers in Geocell network. On the third place, 1 206 000 subscribers belong to Beeline.

The monthly incomes of the companies are compatible with this data. According to National Commission of Communication Regulations from 16th of October to 16th November, the income of telecommunication companies exceeded 32 262 000 GEL. However, the most successful month of the year was June to August, when the income of mobile companies was more than 37 million.

The highest income was gained by Magticom and it amounted to 15 785 000 GEL. Geocell incomes are 5 million less than Magticom.

Despite the fact that numbers of Magticom and Geocell subscribers are not so different, voice service difference is quite significant. Magticom gained three times more income from the middle of October to the middle of November than Geocell.

There is an absolutely different data concerning the mobile internet service. In this field, Geocell is the leader. For example, the company received 3 709 000 GEL for internet service in October -November whereas Magticom gained 2 302 000 GEL.