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Mado – from Unique Ice Cream to the Variety of Menu

 If you want to taste the real ice cream, real Turkish Baklava and real coffee, you should visit the famous brand of “Mado” at Pushkin Street, Freedom Square.

The interior is made in pastel colors, which makes the relationship with family and close friends more pleasant. Their slogan is “healthy product in a healthy environment”, here you won’t be bother by the smoke of tobacco, or by the smell of ordered dishes; But no smokers are denied here as well, for them there is an open, comfortable space with green plants, which is also very pleasant.

“Mado” is hosting the customers in Tbilisi already for a year. The brand is celebrating the anniversary with the renewed menu, reduced prices and new branch offices.

24 varieties of colorful ice cream of “Mado” has 5 new aromas, the guests already can taste kiwi, pomegranate, Turkish coffee, pineapple and mango ice creams. “Mado” is preparing surprise for the customers and it will be the first at the Georgian market who, will offer the delicious and fried ice cream.

The unique taste of ice cream and dessert is the main thing about “Mado”. In here, ice cream is made with different technology, from 100% natural milk, water is not used and this is partly original and partly the secret ingredient.

“There’s no water, it is noticeable with the taste and with the visual side as well, our ice cream is stretchable, which demonstrates its quality”, – says David Gogua, marketing manager of “Mado”.

“Mado” has reduced the prices on sweets and now it’s possible to buy Baklava with lower price.

Besides sweets, the restaurant offers some other delicious dishes, such as salads, chicken, fish, etc. The menu updates and changes constantly, according to customer requirements.

Figs, honey, black mulberry and honey and almond ice creams are sweet because these fruits contains high fructose, which is why these ice creams don’t contain any sugar or other sweetener, it has only the natural fruit sweetness.

The new branch of “Mado” was opened recently in Tbilisi Galleria. Because of the concept, the offering is mainly sweets and ice cream, the choice of dishes is even smaller. Instead, drinking coffee and eating ice cream on an open terrace is even more pleasant.

According to David Gogua, all the attention in “Mado” is on the quality, all the products are made from natural ingredients with special method and offers customers healthy dishes. He says, that high quality product can’t be cheap, but in “Mado” prices are really affordable.

The management says, that “Mado” has an ambition, that with the desire to taste ice cream or Baklava, costumer should remember “Mado”. It also has another ambitious statement, that the family should put “Mado” in the list during the natural breakfast, lunch or dinner planning in a healthy environment.

An experienced chef cook from Turkey is invited to take care of the quality and design of the dishes.

“Mado” totally employed about 100 people, heads of departments were trained in Turkey and “Mado” is focused on the constant growth of quality. According to the terms of franchising, there will be at least 5 branches in the country for 3 years. It offers customers 3 concepts: restaurant, cafe and booth-ice cream shop.

Modernity of “Mado” is based on the past and traditions. Its history starts from 1850s, when “Mado” offered ice cream with special love, without any technology, in the local small ice cream shop.

After opening own ice cream factory, there in “Mado” was developed ice cream making innovative technologies, which made “Mado” the world class brand. The unique taste of “Mado” ice cream is made with a special, secret recipe. The main part of its composition consists of natural ingredients: cherry, orange, strawberry and other fruit extracts.

“Mado” network is presented with more than 300 franchises globally in the world today. One of the last surprises was the record of “Mado”, which made the world’s largest, 350 kilograms, 21 square meters Baklava and took its place in Guinness Book of Records.