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“Made in Georgia” Highlights Challenges Faced by Local Producers’ Activities

Techpark  Tbilisi, Business Georgia with the support of Business Contact will organize a Business Forum “Made in Georgia”. The chosen topics exactly meet the challenges faced by local producers’ activities, which in a wider context are very important for different types of businesses.

The audience of the Business Forum “Made in Georgia” will have an opportunity to become acquainted with a detailed information and receive answers on all the important questions, that will simplify the correct perception and estimated role of local businesses strengthening the country’s economy and creating favorable business environment.

Topics discussed by the governmental or private sector will be the following:

Georgian Products on Local and Global Markets: speakers will discuss the country’s Import substitution opportunities, consumer attitudes and purchasing behavior towards locally manufactured products, the production spectrum, product competitiveness – quality and international standards, the country’s potential according to the production areas, trade relations, as an additional opportunity and its impact on export and import, success stories of Georgian brands.

Producing Goods & services in Georgia, Challenges & Opportunities: On the second panel speakers will discuss Georgia’s potential in producing goods and services, main concerns of producers, government incentives, international facilitators, the role of innovation for production, promotion entrepreneurship mindset, financial resources, the role of the banking sector, foreign direct investments and media.


The forum will represent around 300 participants, including high level government officials, commercial and international sectors, entrepreneurs and start-ups, Chain store representatives, distributors, Importer and Exporter company representatives, Investors, Financial institutions, media, Chambers of Commerce & Industry, individuals who represent decision-making organizations, play a key role in creating effective business environment and developing further process.