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M2 to Enter Hotel Business

M2 to Enter Hotel Business

M2 Group is building two hotels in Tbilisi, the company director general Irakli Burdiladze told the Business Contact.

Rama and Ankora hotels will open at Kazbegi 15 and Melikishvili 10.

“The construction works have been already launched on Kazbegi Street. Rama and Ankor – this is an operator of American hotels, three-star brand.

The building located at Melikishvili 10, where another hotel will be located, is our own property. The investment value of the first project is 13 million USD and about 12 million GEL will be spent on another project implementation”, Irakli Burdiladze said.

According to Irakli Burdiladze M2 is interested in developing the network of hotels in regions too.

Taking into account intense passenger turnover at Kutaisi airport, m2 is interested to determine a new location for constructing a 3-star hotel in Kutaisi.