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Low-quality Fuel or Campaign against Small Companies

According to the information spread several days ago, several non-branded companies trade in low-quality fuel. This statement was released by Vano Mtvralashvili, president of Union of Oil Importers of Georgia, in his interview with Radio Palitra. Many consumers make the fuel quality questionable, he said.

“Today many operators work on the market and various products are imported from different countries and frequently these products do not satisfy standards. Low-quality products guarantee comparatively low prices, but filling volumes also turn inaccurate”.

“There are several companies, non-branded filling stations, that cheat clients in this respect and sell low-quality nonstandard products and are inaccurate even in filling volumes. Based on internal monitoring, I can assure you that low-quality fuel is sold in Georgia”, Vano Mtvralashvili said.

We have applied to Paata Bairakhtari, analyst for Association of Young Financiers and Businessmen (AYFB), and asked him whether it is possible to import low-quality fuel to Georgia. Similar accusations are ungrounded and absurd. Similar statement serve interests of specific business companies, Bairakhtari noted.

“It is fraudulent statement as if non-branded filling stations trade in low-quality fuel, because all sorts of fuel are examined prior to their admittance to the country and nonstandard products cannot cross our state borders. Moreover, Ministry of Environment Protection holds exploration works time to time and checks both branded and non-branded companies. Therefore, there is no practical chance of delivery and sales of nonstandard and low-quality fuel in the country.

“Today the market is competitive and small companies are trying to compete with major and branded companies. Another issue is whether they manage to do this, because they have very small market ratio. But several years ago we did not have even this competitive environment”.

I believe similar statements aim at discrediting small companies. As to inaccurate filling, we have strict control in this respect too. Similar violations may have really taken place in certain cases, but this may have happened because of dishonest attitude by employees of specific companies, but assertions as if non-branded filling stations swindle consumers, is exaggerated”, Bairakhtari said.