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Lisi Development to start Lisi Tower Project Next Year

In the green city, company “Lisi Development” will start the project “Lisi Tower”. The project will start in February 2017. According to the director of marketing, Mariam Osepaishvili, “Lisi Development” will have a very different and unique project this time.

“Lisi Tower” will be built in the second neighborhood of green city and will have space for 30 families. It will have an unique architecture, because it will be implemented by the leading architects in Europe, such as architects from Dutch architectural “UN Studio”, who have done a lot of famous projects”-declared Osepashvili.

Lisi Development is the first company which implements big scale projects in Georgia such as turning Lisi lake territory which is 400 hectares into recreation zone. The company was founded in March, 2010 and since then, it has been implementing the project named “Green City on Lisi”.

The aim of the Lisi development is to create sophisticated architecture and also establish healthy and ecological life style in Georgia.

Currently, there are 6 floor apartments as well as duplex type town houses and villas. There is a swimming pool, sport and children entertainment, cafe and restaurants, beach and bike roads.

Lisi development has become the winner of private property rewards many times.