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Liloshop.ge Launches Program to Promote Women Startupers

Founders of Liloshop.ge online store have launched a special program for women startupers. Every women, who are housekeepers or make handmade things, will be able to sell their products with the support of Liloshop.ge

Liloshop.ge takes social responsibility and shows readiness to assist them, who produces interesting things and tries to obtain financial independence. The program enables women in Georgia to get self-employed”, Liloshop.ge director general Besik Chikhladze said.

Liloshop.ge representatives say that any woman interested in startup business are allowed to contact the company administration and the Internet store staff will provide taking/processing of photos, advertising of works and placing the photos on Liloshoip.ge website.

“Those who knit, sew, create handmade things and wish to introduce their works to Georgian consumers, Liloshop. Ge is ready to cooperate with them”, the company founder said.