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Liderfood Holds 35% of the Meat Products Market in Georgia

The Georgian company of meat products was founded in 2009. The idea of ​​establishment was to create a strong, modern Georgian company that would supply the market with quality meat products and compete both local and imported products.

Initially the production began with about 10 of the classical meat products, as of the growth of demand over time, the number of species increased. Today, the company “Liderfood” produces up to 100 kinds of meat products. Almost every category of mear has been presented.

Key to a success – As they say at Liderfood, the main reason of the success is hat the company was a business approach, creating a company that would take an important place in Georgian business space and not only local, the company is already planning to work on the export line.

“The modern approach and management brought us to the present day. The result of 9 years of work is that nowadays, Liderfood holds 35% of the meat products market and represents one of the largest suppliers.

It is important that with the support of the Ministry of Economy of Georgia program “Enterprise Georgia” its investment, we have built an enterprise which is the largest among the meat producers in Georgia and we are one of the largest in Transcaucasia ”

The main difficulty – “It’s not easy to go this way, the competition was high and we had to take up our place among many companies, which we made it happen and the second important issue was the customer’s dependence on processed meat products. We have to change the idea on the market that the processed meat products are poor and harmful to health. From the quality of our production, we have started working on this issue since the first day, we are still actively trying to change the attitude towards positive “- declared at Liderfood.

The history of  logo and name – we want to be associated as the company that satisfies the rational needs of the people in compliance with international quality standards. Also, our products are safe, and it is very important for us to have an emotional connection with the customer, which is a challenge to modern business.

They said at Liderfood that  company has carried out rebranding before entering a new enterprise has changed the communication strategy and visual style. Nowadays the company has a modern design and open-ended communicational language.

The renewed communication strategy is completely based on the emotional connection with the customer, the new slogan of the company “For happy moments”. The renewed conception is one of the proposals: Our life is a daily basis of the happy moments that we do not pay attention enough, so the content of our company and the main slogan is the reminder of these happy moments, thinking and motivating people to feel happier in their everyday life.

“We can freely say that today we have created a company that is a modern company meeting world market standards, with its strategy, visual side and of course the possibility of production” – said in “Leaderfood”.

Why Liderfood? – Today, Liderfood is the largest meat industry in Georgia, which meets the highest standards of production, ranging from raw materials to distribution. Raw materials together with Georgian meat are obtained by German suppliers from the European market. We are carrying out transportation with modern distribution cars as well as the highest standards.

Company has a mission “to support the development of the field, to increase confidence in meat and to impose quality standards” This means that our products will always be of the highest quality and safe, we will always be transparent and most importantly our products will be a sample of what should be the quality meat product.