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Legendary Vehicle GT-40 – Inspiration for New Watch

Tsikolia watches introduces a new favorite product for devotees of Ford vehicles, the GT-40.

“I have put maximal efforts to embody the strong and unbreakable reputation of this vehicle into this watch. Like all other watches, in this case my inspiration derives from my early childhood. However, only GT-40 fills a designer with something sacred and divine,” Zviad Tsikolia said.

In response to question about which specific vehicle he would choose, he answered without hesitation – his choice would be the GT-40, definitely.

He came to the meeting with this new watch, which has not appeared in retail stores yet. He greeted us enthusiastically and, without delay, started introducing the new product.

After our excited whoops, it was the shining moment for both the watch and the watch maker. The watch scrupulously repeats each detail of the vehicle, both from the exterior and interior.

Even indifferent people who have seen the vehicle will easily detect the outlines and details of the vehicle ring in this watch. The design its seats with their characteristic style and colors have moved to the watch band.

Is it possible not to admire these colors? These colors are iconic for everyone from car buffs to absolute laymen. The orange vertical line between the 12 and six points repeats its position in the vehicle.

On the back side of the watch, there is a space on which precisely repeats the design of the vehicle steering wheel. In case of the vehicle, you can read the name of the car manufacturer on the wheel, while in the case of the watch, this empty space is designed for those who plan to personalize the item.

The company also introduced these technical characteristics of the watch:
Diameter of the case: 47mm
Material of the case: stainless steel
Material for the band: natural leather
Material for the Glass: Sapphire crystal anti-glare plating
Movement: RONDA5040b
Water resistance: 5 atmosphere (50m).

The company has recently introduced its official website, where customers can buy these desirable watches without problems.

The designer said that a vital spirit is inspiring the collection, and he will introduce new models soon.

The popularity of the SEVEN collection created with inspiration from LOTUS vehicles led the watchmaker to develop three models from that same collection for ladies. Therefore, we hope that the designer will think of creating a version of the GT-40 for women.