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A Long-Term Perspective Is The Most Important in Business

Savse is the only drink which includes the mixture of fruit and vegetables. At the same time, during its production there is a new technology, such as cold pasteurization used. This allows maintaining the taste, vitamins and minerals, which usually disappears in case of hot pasteurization.  The main message of designer is:  The product is healthy!

The founder of this brand is a young businessman, Guka Tavberidze.

How is Savse presented on British Market, what can you tell us about the turnover and income?

The turnover amounts to 11.5 million pounds and it will increase in the future. It will take a lot of working force but in the following year, it will become more than 200 million pounds.

When I was an employee myself, I worked very hard to develop myself and learn new methods of success and how to create a company.

Who was your idol in the business world?

I suppose Steve Jobs was, because I learned about his career in details.  The first phase was testing myself what I could do outside my job.  I realized that I did not want to be employee anymore and that’s why I was learning all the time. I was interested to see what would come next, but the most important part was to start from nothing. I wanted to change something in fresh drinks production and when you want to start a business, it’s important to have a long-term perspective on your mind.

Was there some niche on the market for you, or have you changed it?

The idea comes to those who have a wish for it.  I wanted to create something totally impressive. I left the job where my salary was 100 000 pounds per year. Money has never been my motivator though. My main motivation was curiosity about what I was able to do.

The idea of creating fresh drinks came to my mind when I saw my mother making drink in the kitchen. I thought that there is no need to look for something because it’s already there. My mother is stimulation for my business. From the beginning, I had no idea what to do but I realized that pasteurization would be the biggest advantage.  For example Coca-Cola and Pepsi are super brands and they are presented as healthy drinks on the market, which is not true. Hot pasteurization destroys healthy substances; however the method my mother used was different. I realized that I could do something different, something better.

There a lot of challenges, because to establish yourself on the business marker as a beginner is difficult…

Of course, it is difficult.  However I promised myself and my mother that in spite of any obstacles, I would never give up. Whatever difficulties you might come across, you still need to do your job. There will be barriers but you have to overcome them.

What would you tell startups, how can they overcome obstacles?

My main task was to introduce the product my mother makes to the market to sell it. I did not know anything about the food from the beginning.  However I knew that if I would take the same ways as others,  I would not succeed. My main goal was to sell my mother’s product.

Does quality make an influence on the advantage of your product?

It is very important how you start.  As soon as I found the right way of production, it worked. I got rid of all the “advisors” and decide to take all the responsibility myself and knowing what is happening in my company.

I had disappointments too, but it’s the most important not to leave your job.  I learned about MARK Zukerberg project. How he started on a small scale and then made Facebook a successful business.  When I had my first major meeting, I had to wait for the general manager of the company for a long time. Then he came and I started to explain him what was the advantages of my fresh drink.  He thought that I was lunatic but finally he became my partner.  We have had incredible stories, however I told you only 1% of it.