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Lebek Coats Made in Georgia Are Sold in the EU

Sewing business has always been very successful in Georgia during the centuries, however after Soviet Union fell apart, it decreased but now, there are tendencies of growing. Most of production produced in Georgia is exported to many different countries in the world.

One of the first sewing companies “Imeri” was established in 1928. Since 1996, the company “Imeri” has been creating products for “Lebek”.

“During Soviet times, the production we made was sold with a big scale. There was only small part of it left to sell on a local market. However, after Soviet Union fell apart, the export was stopped. We were isolated.  German firm “Lebek” was our chance to survive. In 1996, we became partners”-explains the head of supervisory counsel, Maia Simonadze.

Collaboration with German and other foreign companies helped “Imeri” to suit international standards not only with the quality of production but also in a sense of social and working conditions. Currently, there are 460 people employed in the company. We have two working seasons and sign contract with “Lebek” twice a year. The factory has a potential of adding 150 employees.

“If other sewing companies want to reach success on a local and international market, I advise them to create a production which suit European standards and consider the deadlines very precisely.