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Bay leaf

“Laurus” Plans the Production of 200 tons of Bay Leaves and its Export

“Laurus”refinery enterprise of bay leaves established in Senaki plans the production of 200 tons of bay leaves and its export to international market.

Zaza Jalaghonia, the founder of the enterprise says, that the bay leaf is one of the most demanded product in the international market. Accordingly, their future goal is the expansion of the  process around 200 tons of bay leaves. The production is addressed to the export market and enters to Russian Federation as well.

“We have managed to build the enterprise by means of preferential Agro-credit. Herewith, our future plan is about to expand the production. The main objective of the enterprise is to produce high-quality product” – Jalaghonia says.

It should be pointed out that “Laurus” is supported by the Government. More precisely, it is financed with reasonable Agro-Credit and it functions on the market from October 2014.

As the minister of agriculture, Otar Danelia announced, “Laurus” is one of the most successful leader enterprise among bay leaves production companies.

Implemented investment comprises 250,000 USD, however, 150,000 USD is exactly this preferential Agro-credit what was mentioned above.

In the enterprise there are more than 100 employees. It is significantly important, that in the West part of Georgia similar type of enterprises is going to be opened in upcoming future – notes the minister of agriculture Otar Danelia.

According to Levan Shonia, this occurrence will support the employment opportunities for locals in regional parts.

In this regard, government support plays a vital role.