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Lado Gurgenidze Names 8 Necessary Reforms for Georgia

Georgia’s former Prime Minister Lado Gurgenidze does not intend to participate in the political life of Georgia. He has published the list of eight necessary reforms that, to his thought, should be carried out in Georgia.

“Yesterday one of the online news agencies spread information as if Giorgi Vashadze intends to hold consultations with me. Several weeks ago, another news agency also released information on my available involvement in the election process. Everybody who knows me very well, is aware of this, but I would like to note anyway: I had and have no plans to participate in political processes.

In general, I wish all the best to all patriot and progressive politicians. I sympathize the same political team, where many my friends are united, the same team that I backed four, eight and twelve years ago.

As to economic reforms, nobody would make something new in this field. Just taxes should be reduced (maximal restriction of the stare discretion in the tax administration);

Sharp contraction in state expenditures (by at least 1.5 billion), maximum deregulation in all directions (within the free trade agreement with the EU) and introduction of moratorium on new regulations for several years, privatization of the remaining state assets;

Introduction of a currency board or floating currency regime, valuable return of the school choice component into the high school system; directing  state funds to target socially vulnerable groups that genuinely need similar state support.

All recipes are well-known and only political will based on the people mandate is required to implement these reforms”, Lado Gurgenidze said.