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KTW Group to Enter Hotel Business

 The interview with the head of wine producer company “:KakhetianTraditional Winemaking”, Zurab Chkhaidze.

Was 2016 successful for the company “Kakhetian Traditional Winemaking” and what was your biggest challenge and achievement this year?  

2016 was quite positive for KTW, because we fulfilled all our plans; we fulfilled investments not only in Kakheti region but in the west of Georgia (Guria) and Kartli.

Majority of Businessmen focuses on GEl exchange rate. What was the biggest challenge in your case?

For us, the main challenge was that we enlarged our production. For example, in Velistsikhe, in the makuzan zone, we have one of the most modern factories in the region. This was probably a challenge. Diversification and development of the market was a challenge as well.

You were planning to grow the most unique type of grapes. Have you managed to fulfill your plan in this direction?

We distributed the population with rare kind of grapes in Achara and Guria. Except that, we started vineyard in Saguramo 2 years ago. To be honest, one of our biggest challenges of 2016 was Guramishvili Marani. This is a very subtle topic for me, because I wanted it to be unique for tourists and for visitors in general. I think I want to keep working in this field, because in all regions of Georgia, there are unique kind of grapes which are not known yet.

Which are new countries in the company export list in 2016?

The image of Georgian wine is about exporting because we are a very small country as consumers. There are traditional markets where Georgian wine was always demanding; however there are other markets where Georgian wine is not known at all. With the example of KTW group, I can say that compared to 2015, we had 300% of growth of import of export to China. I believe that next year will be more successful. 

What is the amount of investment you fulfill?

It is hard to say. It’s not less than 500 000 GEL. However in any case, it will be financed by Kaakhetian Traditional Winemaking”.

Are you planning to enter some new fields this year?

We don’t know if we can manage it. However, I think we will continue investment in Guria. We will also keep planting nut trees in Khobi.

Saguramo project (Guramishvili marani) is so interestign that we might build a hostel for visitors.This is a future plan. We might also build a hotel in Kakheti as well. I think that 2017 will be very interesting.