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Photo/ KONA

Kona Getting Ready to Launch Exports to EU

KONA cooperative, a beneficiary of the DCFTA information center of Georgian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, is getting ready to launch exports to the Netherlands. The cooperative has already selected a partner company in the mentioned country.

Representatives of KONA cooperative have received an offer from DCFTA information center on participation in SME Academy, a training course of East Invest 2, which was designed for Georgian companies with potential for exports to EU. The event was organized by Georgian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The cooperative representative Natalia Partskhaladze noted that the experience gained at the mentioned training has helped her find partners and catch up key details of exports to EU.

The cooperative representatives pass consultations at the Gori Office of the DCFTA information center on exports-related issues. KONA’s basic plant is located the village of Lavriskhevi, Kaspi District, Shida Kartli Region. 

KONA cooperative consists of 5 members. The cooperative was founded in 2015 with the support of OXFAM and its member organization – Elkana association of biological sciences, as part of ENPARD project.

The cooperative grows 19 varieties of herbs to produce 12 compositions of herbal tea. The cooperative provides all cycles of production: growing, drying and packing.