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Koba Alkhazashvili

Koba Alkhazashvili: ‘’PR is A Profession That Helps You Grow Every Day’’

Interview with Koba Alkhazashvili, Head of Public Relations Department of the National Statistics Office of Georgia

Why did you decide to enter this field, and what kind of opportunities does this profession give you?

All my childhood I wanted to appear i the box called TV. This dream came true when I became a journalist of ‘’Moambe’’. That’s where it started my first interaction with different circles of society, and I gradually moved to Public Relations field. Pr is a profession that helps you grow every day and gives you opportunity to deepen contacts, that brings you a new job and chances.

What is it necessary to hold successful communication with the public?

First of all, it’s important to hold communication based on sincerity and reality, perceiving events adequate. It all enables you to maintain successful communication with any kind of public.

What three tips would you offer someone just starting out in PR?

Of course everything is individual but I think, readiness and courage is essential in this field, in order to receive and master novelties. Also, you need to get as many contacts as possible, that will be helpful for any amateur PR specialist.

What do you wish you would have known before starting your career in PR?

You need to approach public in a right way, and then it all comes in practice.

Describe your typical work week.

As for any representative of this field, it’s hard and busy. Due to the fact that I also run my company, I have to take care of both jobs, that takes a lot of energy.

How would you go about finding relevant contacts and sources?

Personally I, got lucky. I’ve worked at a lot of places, that gave me wide range of acquaintances and friends. My advice would be, attend as many seminars and events to get relevant contacts.

How would you prioritize and start your work day?

My work day starts with reviewing calendar and planning meetings, holding morning meeting at my department and setting right tasks for following day.

-What trait do you value the most in your co-workers?

Being thoroughly involved in working process and taking responsibilities.

What is the best PR practice technology can’t change?

Personal relations with people and various types of meetings and events.

What are some of the growing trends in the public relations industry?

Recently social media took all place. New treds were identified. One of them is internet televisions, that’s even more flexible in modern life and enables us to get information quickly.