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Knitted – Brand of Knit Bags: Lower Price does not Affect Quality

Online stores have long appeared on Georgian market. It turned out that businesses started in social network frequently moves to shopping malls from virtual space.

However, it is difficult to offer different products and services and draw consumers. Knitted, a Georgian brand of knit bags, have successfully overcome these challenges and plans to open a store in the new future.

The business launched by a daughter-in-law and her mother-in-law has already attracted devoted consumers. Salome Goginashvili cares for sales of products, while her mother-in-law creates products.

“My mother-in-law has been long making knitted products for home, relatives and so on. And this factor has dictated us to develop the brand of Knitted. We decided to introduce knitted bags as a new direction on Georgian market and there are no many competitors. We created samples, Facebook page. Initially, the capital was very small. Consumers liked the product very much, devoted consumers appeared soon. Initial capital was very small. Now our potential has increased thanks to orders”, Salome Goginashvili noted.

Besides bags, Knitted also produces socks, jackets and shirts. Prices are quite affordable and this factor alleviates competition aspects, Salome told the Commersant.

“Prices start range from 49 GEL to 100-150 GEL. I think 49 GEL is an affordable price for handmade things, even more so our prices are quite lower compared to competitors or other handmade products. It takes about 4-5 hours to knit a 49 GEL bag. There are a lot of bags on the market, but the market lacks for knitted bags. There are only 1-2 competitors on the market, but we offer competitive prices. Lower prices do not affect product quality. IT just guarantees healthy competition”, Salome Goginashvili said.

It turned out that startup business faces less bureaucracy in Georgia and manufacturers simply resolve technical details.

“We have startup business and technical details that are required for founding a company are very liberal. We have not faced any barriers yet. Small business has preferences that it does not pay value added tax and so on”, Goginashvili said.

The store of Knitted will open by the New Year and introduce new varieties of products.