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Khvicha Jgutashvili: “The Main Challenge is Vigilance in Keeping up with Technology Every Day’’

Interview with the founder of “Tasma” and “Liderfood”, Marketing Specialist Khvicha Jgutashvili.

Tell us about how you got into the field of marketing, and what factors played an important role in choosing this profession? 

The main factor was the desire to do my own business, while the story of how I got into marketing begins in a strange way. About 10 years ago, my friend and I decided to create a musical social network. Back then there was a website called Lockers, that would pay you for watching an advertisement, and we had profiles on Hi5 and were learning about Facebook as a new tool.

In short, we created a website, musicmasters.ge, inspired by the aforementioned sites. We started registering musicians,   them like large labels, although we got stuck, as none of us had enough knowledge of web development, or running business.

We could not develop a project, and we realized there was something we need to learn about.

At the same time, I saw an advertisement of GAU Tbilisi PR School’s course.

After passing the course, I learned which field uses social media most actively, and what goals are achieved through that, so I transitioned into marketing. 

In regards to technological changes, what challenges are you facing as a marketer?

The main challenge in my mind is vigilance to catch up technologies daily. You should at least update yourself how others use modern tools and implement it in the future.

What has changed in the last 5 years in the field, and what changes are expected now?

Today, almost all marketers knew the forecast of the previous 5 years, while we have no idea what is yet to come.

The main change is, I think, that customers and companies turn to immediate relations, forget about set up good content, and raise more emotional marketing.

The equality of companies in digital opportunities is visible, so communication tools are available to everyone so that clever companies have no other way other than to play with the rules.

What important features should a marketing manager hold focus on, and what are their roles in organization?

I think a marketing manager should be consistently oriented towards learning about background from those of any age or experience, and getting the news. Marketing is a field where learning the theory once cannot be enough, you are constantly in search of ways to develop yourself, and finding new solutions, regardless of your experience.  There’s not a single day to relax. The role of learning would be like a brain and the heart of the company if we compared it to a human’s body.

What is your organization’s business model in marketing direction, and how focused is it on the customer?

As for Liderfood, we did a total rebranding two years ago. During this process, we fundamentally  changed fundamentally the language of communication in the  company, in order to establish an emotional connection with the customer. There used to be a only one position for a meat product company, and to prove you that you’re right, and that your products are healthy and unharmful.

According to the new strategy, we are saying that the products of a modern company should be healthy, and it is an axiom that we do not need to prove anymore, and there are a lot of happy moments to pay attention to. 700 years of quality, glossy installations, cleanliness and white coatings- these are aspects that get boring for people to focus on.

To achieve this goal, our activities were quite limited, but I think that there is still a lot to work on, which keeps our  marketing team active.

One word that describes your work.


The most useful advice you’ve ever received in life?

I can’t tell whether it was the most useful or not, but I still remember the phrase: Do not worry about what has not happened yet, and the that which already has happened, because being nervous can change neither of them.

Think of the person who inspires you professionally.

The American automobile designer, racer and entrepreneur, Carroll Shelby.