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KD4US – Common Work Space Model and its Benefits

Tbilisi’s development as the country’s main business hub is accompanied by the opening of new office spaces across the capital. One of the standout facilities in this field is the A-class business centre King David, where a new innovative office zone was established at the beginning of the year in the shape of KD4US – a working environment created over a 700 marea according to the common workspace concept, being able to serve 110 persons simultaneously.

Aside from a flexible product policy, KD4US offers customers the opportunity to benefit from King David’s services. Project manager Zura Kenia spoke to Property Georgia about the common workspace model and its benefits

Property Georgia

What was the basis for creating common workspace? How did this idea come about

– The idea was shaped by the current market trends. Workspaces of this type are taking over the global market, and are also becoming increasingly popular in Georgia. Naturally, we became interested. We view KD4US both as an independent unit and as part of King David’s services. As you know, King David combines residential properties, a business centre, as well as various restaurants and leisure facilities. Common workspace was an untapped area for us, and we decided to make our move. Aside from the infrastructure, the working space covers a 700 marea and is designed for 110 persons.  

Who are the customers at KD4US?    

– We have flexible productand a flexible pricing policy. We do not impose limits based on our clients’ interests. We have created conditions that allow everyone to find a space for themselves and the services they need. KD4US offers different packages, be it for flexible or limited hours, isolated offices or single-use workspaces. Our facilities are suitable for those who require workspace for short-term projects. KD4US also caters for students who wish to gather in the evening and study together. Virtually all our products are differentiated based on our customers’ needs.

What kind of services do you offer?

– Our services are quite diverse: workspaces, meeting rooms of various sizes, conference rooms, as well as a relaxation area and a shared kitchen.You can find all of this on our premises. Furthermore, the complex already includes the Italian restaurant XVII • Seventeen; the KD Café, which offers buffet food and has a Japanese food corner; and a Sky Hall for conferences and meetings. We are planning to open a hotel, an event hall, a swimming pool and a fitness and spa centre by the end of the year. The whole territory is equipped with a fire safety system, and it is possible to create individual climate zones.

Can you specify the number of people that can be accommodated in the conference halls and meeting rooms at KD4US? 

– The meeting rooms are designed for 2, 4 and 8 persons.The prices are affordable at 15, 20 or 40 GEL based on the size of the room. The business rooms are not only for KD4US members, but can be booked by anyone through our website. The conference hall can accommodate up to 140 people. We have a VIP meeting room for 12 people, and are about to open three new conference rooms for 150, 100 and 30 people in May

Can customers reserve specific work desks where they feel most comfortable? 

One of our packages guarantees customers 24-hour access to a desk of their choice, and allows them to leave their personal belongings in their workspace.This package also includes additional hours for meeting room access, IT support, extended communication services, a landline phone, etc. The cost of the package is 600 GEL. Even if the facilities are fully booked, the specific desk will always be accessible for the customer.

How simple is the process of becoming a KD4US team member

– Bookings are done online. The process is simple and fast, and there is no bureaucracy. Registration on our website KD4US in minutes. You just buy an online package and start working

What are the advantages of a shared workspace compared to a regular office? Why is demand growing so fast?

– There are two main factors that differentiate shared workspace from an office environment. First of all, it literally takes a few minutes to set up – there is no need to invest in an office, buy furniture or worry about communications and sanitary conditions. The other advantage is the opportunity to communicate with interesting individuals who are working next to you. Very often people find that they have common interests, which can lead to the establishment of business ties. In case of KD4USthere is also the added benefit of becoming an organic part of King Davidwhich allows us to jointly work on future cooperation

Is it the case that your members automatically become part of King David?

– Of course. As I said earlier, our members can freely access all other services inside the complex.We will soon be adding further services such as a sports and fitness room, and members will be able to take full advantage of these new offers.

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